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How Free Interent Fax Service Works

What Are the Advantages and How Does a Free Internet Fax Service Work?

Get to know the benefits of using free Internet fax service, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the advantages you will discover.

About Free Fax Services Functions and Types

Sending and receiving important documents is an integral part of any business and oftentimes - everyday life. However, not many know that on a par with conventional fax machines there are Internet fax providers who offer their service for free. Webfax companies vary: some may require certain software downloading, while others operate directly through their web pages. Some of them require registration, while others can be used at the first onset. In fact, these websites are a great alternative to common faxing machines allowing you being more flexible and mobile.

How to Send a Fax Over the Internet

The entire process of utilizing online fax service is very simple:
1. Log in (if required).
2. Upload a document (similar to attaching files to emails).
3. Select where to send the file. This can be a single number or a long distribution list (if available with your provider).
4. Wait for the faxing server to convert the document to a fax format.

Depending on the amount of docs and recipients, the procedure may take you a few seconds to several minutes. It is essential to note that fax modems work like real faxing machines and keep redialing for a while when trying to reach intended recipients.

Reasons to Use Free Fax Websites

If you are not presently using one of free faxing websites, you could be losing out on a lot of advantages. Check the following benefits fax service can offer for your business and personal use:

Convenience. With free Internet faxing sites you can send and receive faxes from any place where the Internet connection is. Other than that, you will receive a local or a toll-free fax number that you can give to all your colleagues/clients/friends. Some providers also offer a possibility to store a certain amount of documents online, so that you can reach them from any PC at any time.

Mobility. This is probably the most winning feature of the free fax service. It is very beneficial for 'mobile' professionals: salesmen, real estate agents, onsite builders and others.

Ease of Use. Most online faxing websites have very user-friendly, easy-to-navigate interface. Faxing online is as easy as sending emails.

The Price. There is a plethora of faxing websites offering their service for free. However, you can opt for a paid company, if you need a reliable provider featuring premium functionality needed for your business purposes.

Compatibility. As modern communication tools keep changing and evolving with the advance of new technologies (Wi-Fi, laptops, VoIP telephony etc.) it is essential to stay abreast with these changes to be able to get benefits from them. Fax websites usually have mobile versions and various apps versions.

Disadvantages of Free Fax Services

Despite the fact that free faxing services are very useful, they do not offer a full pack of features which you can get with a paid premium membership. For instance, some websites have restrictions limiting the number of documents or recipients and do not have possibility to store docs online.

Free fax service is a great tool for occasional faxing, yet it cannot be used for heavy users, especially in terms of business.