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Basic Facts on SIP Trunking

Basic Facts on SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a cost-effective option for business owners wishing to replace the traditional telephony with modern communication means and to enhance the quality of business services.

SIP Trunking Definition

SIP Trunking (short for Session Initiation Protocol) is an innovative method to establish phone-like communication over the Internet. In fact, SIP is a message which opens and closes calls in VoIP technology. Although SIP itself is a very small element of the whole calling process, many IP telephony devices feature this acronym to show their involvement with the Internet.

SIP Trunking is a kind of service which is provided by the VoIP companies to businesses requiring a number of lines. One Internet connection, for instance, can replace a whole bunch of physical cables which previously carried the company's calls. This service is especially popular among businesses, as this kind of telephony endows enterprises (even the smallest ones) with a professional and reliable image (due to its additional features like call waiting, auto attendant etc.).

Benefits of SIP Trunks

The most obvious advantage of using SIP Trunks for carrying calls is their price. The cost for this service is considerably lower than that of traditional telephony. Moreover, the trunks can be sold in increments of one, while PRI (Primary Rate Interface) channels come in 23 pieces at once.

The entire concept of the SIP Trunking is to bring as much processes as possible online and reduce the need of hardware devices, like those used by large telephone companies. The softswitch architecture of the SIP service is very flexible and versatile. It allows accommodating customers' changing needs very fast.

Moreover, most of the operations are done from the provider's premises; there is no need to send a 'live' technician onsite.

Many are surprised to learn that SIP Trunks are applicable not only for voice calls, but can also be used for other purposes. When the line is not overwhelmed, it can carry various low-intense processes, like emailing, chatting online, voicemail function, holding video/audio conferences etc.
As a rule, most packages include these features and do not require any additional fee for their use.

How to Compare SIP Trunking Service Providers

Once you have decided to switch your business from the traditional telephony to VoIP, your next step would be to select a reliable SIP Trunking provider.

Here are some tips on comparing VoIP companies:
Search for experienced providers which can handle even the most complicated phone systems replacement. Be careful, since with the advent of the new technologies, a lot of new low quality firms pop up like mushrooms.
Read customers' reviews, recommendations and check the ratings on the relevant forums or ask your business partners' advice.
Investigate additional functionality and the standard packages providers can offer.

It is essential to find the right SIP Trunking provider which not only will install a cost-effective telephony system, but will bring a new approach to communication between your company and clients/partners.