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Voice over IP Communication Technology: Revolutionizing the Industry

Voice over IP is a new approach to communication which is primarily carried out with the help of specially developed software with use of the Internet connection.

What Is a Voice Over IP Phone System?

VoIP telephony is a kind of a phone-like communication that employs digital technology to carry phone calls via the internet rather than regular phone lines. In fact, VoIP might just be the way you'll be using to make and receive calls in the near future. Voice over IP are very cost-effective phone systems, since they allow users to bypass expensive conventional systems entirely, even for long-distance and international calls. Although there is a huge difference in technology used to conduct VoIP calls, the entire calling process is pretty much the same as with landline phones.

Three Ways to Make a VoIP Call

One of the most convenient things about VoIP technology is that it allows making and receiving calls in several ways. Thus, you can take advantage of IP telephony by using your:

Home phone set. In order to switch your home phone to VoIP, you need to get an ATA (Analog Telephone Adaptor). These adaptors are sold or given for free (but then the monthly fee is charged) by the VoIP service providers. In fact, the ATA is an analog-to-digital converter which takes the analog data from your common phone and then converts it into digital packets to send them via the web. Installing ATA yourself is a piece of cake: simply open the box and plug the wire from your phone into the adaptor instead of wall socket.
Depending on your Internet connection type, place where you live and other factors you may be required to install VoIP software. There is nothing daunting about this: it is downloaded and installed in the same fashion as many other programs.

Voice over IP phone. These devices look pretty much the same as standard phones. The main difference is that the IP phone employs an RJ-45 Ethernet connector instead of the regular RJ-11 phone connector. The phone is specially built to make VoIP calls: it directly connects to your router thus enabling you making calls from any Wi-Fi hotspot.
So, if you travel, you can take your IP phone with you to make cheap or even absolutely free calls home from any place where the Internet connection is.

Personal Computer. This is probably the easiest and the cheapest way to make VoIP phone calls. There are numerous providers which offer their IP telephony service for free or at very low rates. Actually, you may start using your laptop or any other Internet-compatible device to make VoIP calls in a matter of minutes.
All you need to is to find a website through which you can make a call or install appropriate software. Sure, you will also need stable Internet connection and a standard headset.

Besides the obvious advantages for direct users, Voice over IP telephony also makes sense in terms of ROI (Return on Investment) for IP telephony providers and other companies dealing with this innovative communication technology.